New HideAway Tables

Functionality often comes above design in the race to produce flexible table solutions. EFG believe in a perfect balance between functionality & aesthetic – your space deserves to feel beautiful always. The HideAway range will make the very best use of your space. They are just as easy to set up as they are to collapse, fold, nest, stow and store. It’s foldaway design means HideAway takes up very little space. The pedestal tables can be nested, thanks to their asymmetrical swivel base.

Despite it’s flexibility, the table’s real strength is in its design. Hideaway is Möbelfakta labelled and comes in three versions: 2 collapsible pedestal tables and a foldable conference table. Black, white or silver stands come as standard and can be combined with FSC® certified wood, linoleum or laminate table tops. The laminate table tops are also available with antibacterial surface treatment that kills 99 per cent of all bacteria within 24 hours. The extensive range of table tops make it simple to create the look and feel you want for your table. Want your table top and frame painted in a special colour for your project? No problem!


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