London Met – Why we are their supplier of choice

We are delighted to announce that London Metropolitan Universities have appointed Team EFG, as their preferred supplier of Office Furniture.

We take great pride in the fact that they have championed us as their new preferred supplier for office furniture. And look forward to working with such a reputable establishment. The positive work and great services our company provide was the definitive factor in winning this award. Our services and the efficiency in which we provide them were key factors resulting in this exciting new 3 year partnership with London Met. EFG achieved high scoring within Pricing, Delivery, and Service categories. As a result, London Met awarded the contract to EFG.

About London Metropolitan University

LMU is a well-respected University; its a diverse centre of education situated in the heart of London. The university offers state of the art learning, library, and IT facilities where students can hone their skills. London Met has an abundance of teaching excellence within the university, it is home to some of the highest quality teaching in the country. In addition, they boast a large socially diverse community which strives to learn and prosper together. We are excited to be a part of this great contract and look forward to assisting in preserving & enhancing this great learning environment.

Why We Won preferred supplier status with London Met

London Met wanted a furniture supplier who was able to provide quality items within reasonable timeframes.

Importantly, they wanted a supplier with responsive contract management and the ability to handle projects large and small. In summary, the university wanted to find an economically advantageous offer that would also provide extremely high quality service & delivery. They set out a scoring system to judge who was their best candidate. Their scoring criteria consisted of UK Service & Delivery, Technical Capability, Order Fulfilment, Sustainability, Previous Experience and Price.  We scored highly across all categories.

Sustainability in Procurement

Sustainability in supply was a crucial aspect within the decision making process for the LMU panel. In response, EFG provided a comprehensive package of solutions to support them, including but not limited to:

  • All of our products are manufactured to EU and UK standards.
  • Over 3000 products with recycled and recyclable content
  • Our Reuse programme
  • All metal is a minimum of 50% recycled material
  • All Wood is FSC certified
  • Environmental Declarations available for a growing range of EFG & SAVO brand products
  • Products designed with end of life in mind
  • We define recyclability in two ways – Material recycling and Energy recycling for transparency

Furniture Repair and Restoration

At EFG we offer a full repair and refurbishment service with a quotation provided. Our repair service can be carried out on site where possible. Our off site service will be handled professionally through our logistics team and the model in place. Any new or existing assets qualify for this service and a full audit is provided to assess the requirements and that the product is categorised.

Meet the Team

Our team know their markets inside out. Whether it’s creating the most engaging learning environment, or business as usual furniture requests for outfitting smaller offices and classrooms – our team strive to find the right solution for their client every time.

If anyone has any enquiries please contact Accounts Manger, Alex Quatrine at or call at 01925 918025.  

The length of the contract awarded is 3 years! We look forward to working with and providing a high-quality service for the London Met during this time. We are looking forward to this and are excited to prove that they have made the right decision.

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