We deliver worldwide interior solutions for our multinational customers. Based in Sweden, we have subsidiaries in all of the Nordic countries and UK as well as a network of dealers and distributors in Europe, Middle East and Japan.

    EFG International is a dedicated organization supporting a vast range of international customers with a supply structure that is adapted for each individual company. 

    Here are a few examples of what we offer:

    • Global deliveries
    • Supply structures and concepts for ongoing deliveries
    • E-trade solutions
    • Customer standardized product catalogue and price lists for international deliveries
    • Documentation and logistics
    • Dedicated international key account management

    EFG is the preferred partner for global supply of office furniture:

    • All sustainable, high quality furniture solutions are supplied globally and always in the best interest of the customer’s employees.
    • Set prices for a limited range of furniture, steering furniture purchases towards those products.
    • Brand image is strengthened when all offices, regardless of country, are furnished according to the same specifications in terms of colour and design.
    • Reducing the number of suppliers results in lower total relationship costs and procurement efforts are lower.
    • A sustainability focus ensures the safekeeping of environmental and energy factors as well as an increased quantifiable efficiency

    • The link between workspace management and company strategy, values and identity is safeguarded 
    • A partnership with a major player ensures long term commitment and resources that are in line with customer expectations 
    • The total cost of office furniture purchases are reduced as a part of the customer’s global facility management
    • Good terms and conditions all over

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