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Business is local. Being close to our customers, meeting needs as they arise and providing the highest level of service are key factors in what EFG is made up of. Hence, a large network of sales offices and dealers is not only a vital part of our business strategy. It is our lifeline. It keeps us in a constant, close proximity to our customers, always on top of the latest news and developments.
EFG Retailer

The dealers we decide to work with must meet the highest standards in terms of qualifications and experience. In return, they get access to one of the most attractive and complete assortments on the market today - competitive on all levels and proven to play a central part of the dealer’s business.

A summary of the top reasons for becoming an EFG dealer: 
  • Leading Scandinavian producer of a full range of quality office furniture since 1885.
  • Customer oriented product development in focus.
  • Design and products that motivate and increase performance supporting staff wellbeing, productivity and corporate image.
  • Environmental strategy at the forefront.
  • Flexible production and adaptable design in customer projects.
  • Precise logistics and administration support.
  • Sales, marketing and business development support on all levels.
  • Sales system support.
  • International key accounts on most markets.

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