With the activity based office in mind

Work is becoming a function not a place. More and more office environments are based on the principles of keeping people optimally productive regardless of where they are. Assigned workstations are becoming obsolete and the office interior solution is suddenly more critical than ever. 

At EFG, we take care of every aspect of the activity-based way of working. Our flexible, inspiring and sustainable interior solutions will convert any traditional office of today into an attractive workplace of tomorrow. Through workshops and one-on-one interviews, we conduct a thorough evaluation of how your business is set up and what your specific needs are. With this as the groundwork, we then create an interior solution that is optimized for your specific business, no matter how small or large you are.

We help you create

  • Areas for informal conversations and networking 
  • Silent zones for concentration tasks 
  • Creative spaces for stimulating collaborations 
  • Conference rooms that support full technical integration

Why activity based work?

  • Increases productivity as it raises awareness
    on how to work optimally 
  • Promotes natural interaction as collaboration is facilitated 
  • Increases employee satisfaction 
  • Increases space efficiency

How can we help?

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