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We are here to make your business work
Our job is to see the bigger picture – how your business and the people within it come together. To create interior solutions based on your individual routines and group dynamics, on your daily needs and overall business goals.

And we get there by always working closely with you. It keeps us updated and on our toes, enables us to act fast and provide the highest level of service. We’re with you throughout the whole process or for as long as you want. Our expertise is all yours. That is how we stay true to our mission, to what EFG is made up of. That is our way of making your business work.

Our roles

We optimize your workspace. Regardless of the size of your company.
Whether you are a large corporation in need of a complete new interior solution where we handle everything from project management to delivery or if you are a small business that simply wants to match your ideas with our vast product range. We will also assist you in additional purchases of furnishings and other products such as lighting, carpets and curtains. Whatever role you have in mind for us - as advisors, producers, a supporting partner or all of the above - our aim is always to put all the pieces together, making the best of your resources and our expertise.

The three cornerstones in our way of working


Helping people feel good, motivated and productive is always our ultimate goal. That is why we start all of our solutions by listening to you.

Our wide range of furniture for office and public workspaces is a result of our extensive know-how and deep insights on human needs and what makes a workplace dynamic.

We create the most inspiring, dynamic and functional workplaces available based on your specific needs within your areas to work, meet and recharge.

How can we help?

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