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EFG Reuse is a unique service that can be provided in EFG's interior design projects. The service is an integral part of the efforts to create modern, sustainable and effective interior design solutions. For companies striving to put their values towards sustainability into action, EFG reuse offers the following:

• Easy and trouble-free handling of leftover furnishings

• Proven, quantified positive environmental impact

• A social responsibility initiative that generates communicable goodwill

EFG Reuse is available in two easy to understand programmes, EFG Reuse Basic and EFG Reuse Commitment.

See our short film about how the Red Cross received 160 new workstations through our EFG Reuse Commitment project.

EFG Reuse movie


EFG Reuse

EFG Reuse Basic - do what you can

In interior projects, small and large, there is normally a surplus of used furniture. EFG Reuse Basic offers removal and efficient recycling. EFG Reuse Basic is handled by EFG´s Customer Service.

EFG Reuse Commitment – do a little more

Sometimes, furnishings can be re-used. The EFG Reuse Commitment service finds a buyer and sells the surplus furniture on the client´s behalf. What can not be sold is broken down and recycled. Economic savings and environmental impact are presented to the customer in an EFG Reuse Commitment Report.

Nonprofit organizations and schools are often in need of improved workspaces, and are frequently the recipients of used office furniture through EFG Reuse. EFG's clients have chosen to sell or even donate their surplus furnishings. The result for the nonprofit is a better working situation. For the EFG Reuse-customer, the result is a concrete community effort to be communicated as part of CSR activities.

The project´s financial results, environmental benefits and social contribution are presented in an EFG Reuse Commitment Report.

The Report

When you choose to go with EFG’s Re-use and Recycling service you receive a report on completion, accounting for cost savings and end destinations for all surplus products and materials. The environmental savings are naturally represented in hard numbers, but additionally converted into how many bicycles can be produced from the recycled metals, and how many villas that can be heated from the combustible, recycled materials.

Report content – highlights:

  • Project description
  • Economy – sales revenue, costs and savings
  • Content distribution – re-use, recycling incl. materials
  • Donations – recipients
  • Environment -  recycled fractions and CO2-reduction

The report serves as a basis for your own sustainability reporting and shows concrete and often significant results - both economically and environmentally.


Here you can download the information in a pdf.

EFG Reduce Reuse Recycle

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