EFG Mongezi

Mongezi consists of a wide range of designer lounge tables with a metal wire stand in retro design. Perfect to supplement the lounge group for small talk and informal meetings. Mongezi comes with straight edges or beveled edges for a more exclusive customisation.


Product Facts

  • EFG Mongezi has table tops with a core of 22 mm chipboard with straight edge or MDF core with bevelled edge. The tops are veneered with 0,6 mm in beech (R5), birch (B5) or ash white 2% (A2). 0,7 mm white high pressure laminate HPL (HV). Linoleum (D4) or MFC (MV, M6, MA, MB, ME, MR).
  • Metal frame, height 500 mm. Silver (62), black (52), white (Z4) or chrome (90).
  • Material meets approved industry standards and environmental requirements.
  • Certified by “Möbelfakta” for quality, environmental and social responsibility.
  • Tested according to: EN 15372:2008 and EN 1730:2000, level 2 General.
  • Guarantee: 5 years liability for defects resulting from faulty design, materials or workmanship.


KnudsenBergHindenes (Norway)

KnudsenBergHindenes (Norway)

Steinar Hindenes studied at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway. Together with Prof. Dave Vikøren he founded the design group Circus in 1992. Steinarhas extensive experience in design projects for several Nordic producers and has received a number of prizes. Steinar is Professor II at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. He now works together with Petter Knudsen and Anders Berg in the design group Knudsen Berg Hindenes.






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