EFG Tab S are acoustic screens with excellent sound-absorbing qualities. Suitable for all office spaces as dividers and sound absorbents. Tab S is available in three variants; as a desk screen Tab S Table, floor screen Tab S Floor, wall screen Tab S Wall.


Product Facts

  • Upholstered on two sides with fabric in one color
  • The fabric may be joined on larger screens, the joint is then placed vertically at the center of the screen
  • Tab S Table desk screen fits all EFG desks except Team Pro and EFG Izi
  • Tab S Table dimensions (mm): 800x600, 900x600, 1000x600, 1200x600, 1400x600, 1600x600, 1800x600, 2000x600
  • Tab S Floor is placed on the floor as a divider or sound absorbent
  • Multiple screens Tab S Floor can be connected with straight-, 90 degree-, 120 degree-, T- and X- coupling
  • Tab S Floor dimensions (mm): 800x1400, 1000x1400, 1200x1400, 800x1600, 1000x1600, 1200x1600, 1400x1600, 1600x1600
  • Tab S Wall is wall-mounted
  • Tab S Wall dimensions (mm): 800x600, 900x600, 100x600, 1200x600, 1400x600, 1600x600, 1800x600, 2000x600
  • Tab S Can be combined with several items from the EFG Add accessory series
  • Core of sound-absorbing polyester fiber
  • Warranty: 5 years against construction, material and manufacturing errors
  • Marked with "Möbelfakta" in size 1600x1600 mm.


EFG Design Team

EFG Design Team

Product development is an important part of EFG's business. Our own design team is behind most of our products and consists of designers and design engineers who all have high competence and experience in the furniture and furnishings industry. An important aspect of our product development process is to take responsibility for the furniture designed with respect to economic, environmental and social sustainability.



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Product sheet

Tab S Table, Tab S Floor, Tab S Wall product info


EFG Tab S Assortment Overview

Assembly instructions

EFG Tab S Table assembly instructions
EFG Tab S Floor assembly instructions
EFG Tab S Wall assembly instructions

Symbols (for AutoCad and 3D Studio)

Symbols for EFG Tab S Desk 3Ds
Symbols for EFG Tab S Desk DWG
Symbols for EFG Tab S Floor 3Ds
Symbols for EFG Tab S Floor DWG
Symbols for EFG Tab S Wall 3Ds
Symbols for EFG Tab S Wall DWG

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