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Download documents

Bim Objects File type Size Download/View
BIM-models for download
Brochures and Catalogues File type Size Download/View
EFG Design Re-Entry Services PDF 4MB
EFG All Acoustics in one Place PDF 6MB
EFG Sustainability Report 2018 PDF 13MB
EFG Archie Brochure PDF 1MB
EFG Table Selection PDF 8MB
EFG Create Storage Brochure PDF 9MB
EFG Create Seating Brochure PDF 621KB
EFG Pulse Storage Brochure PDF 4MB
EFG Hold Storage Brochure PDF 5MB
EFG Mingle Brochure PDF 4MB
EFG Kite Brochure PDF 1MB
EFG_European_Furniture_Group UK PDF 5MB
EFG Creating Inspiring Workplaces PDF 10MB
EFG - Leading Interior Solutions PDF 2MB
EFG Express assortment list 2016 PDF 6MB
EFG Workstations PDF 628KB
EFG Izi Light & EFG Izi Pro PDF 458KB
EFG Surround PDF 26MB
EFG Create PDF 10MB
EFG Aura, Storage PDF 1MB
EFG and the Environment PDF 1MB
EFG Ergonomic Posture Leaflet PDF 1MB
EFG Flip Brochure PDF 709KB
EFG InTouch, EFG Hippione, EFG MySpace PDF 898KB
EFG Meeting PDF 2MB
EFG Inception Brochure PDF 1MB
EFG Izi, Sit/stand desks PDF 1MB
EFG ONE, Task Chair PDF 1MB
EFG Screens for focusing PDF 1MB
EFG Soft seating PDF 954KB
EFG Task chairs for the active office PDF 2MB
EFG Zest Brochure PDF 634KB
Savo Taskchairs 2014 PDF 777KB
Material and Colours File type Size Download/View
EFG Influencer PDF 1MB
Colours, Fabrics and screen fabrics PDF 16MB
EFG Materials & Colours PDF 552KB
Materials & Colours for Interface Furniture PDF 132KB
Materials & Colours for Task Chairs PDF 74KB
Material & Colours for Workstations PDF 192KB
Care Instructions File type Size Download/View
Information for use - Seating furniture PDF 113KB
Information for use - Tables and Storage PDF 199KB
Surface resistance and maintenance of furniture PDF 244KB
Overviews File type Size Download/View
EFG Table top coordinates for outlets PDF 183KB
EFG Table top outline PDF 221KB
Pricelist File type Size Download/View
EFG Express Assortment PDF 3MB
EFG Terms and conditions PDF 98KB

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