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Wrist Group

…finding an interior solution that was both economically pleasing and where existing furniture was used to as great extent as possible.

Client: Wrist Group

Steen Gudumkjær and Søren B. Hansen 
Our role:
Interior advisor & producer 
Delivery date:
Aalborg, Denmark 
Major service company for the shipping industry worldwide 
No. employees:

Mixing old ways with new ideas

Challenges and solution
Finding an interior solution that was economically sound while using existing furniture to as great extent as possible.

Creating an office that showed the way into a new future and yet maintained a part of the old. All the while keeping a responsible financial balance in the project and trying to re-use as much of the existing furniture as possible.

80% of the office chairs were kept in the office while all workstations and everything in the meeting rooms were replaced. Each workstation got an Aura desk with a black, sound absorbing linoleum surface and two flexible EFG storage units. Meeting areas and lunchrooms were furnished with Four Design and Fritz Hansen furniture.

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