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Chamber of Commerce, Western Sweden

"Our facilities, environments, products and materials should breathe all the companies in West Sweden"
Caroline Domeij, Meetings and Events Manager

Client: Chamber of Commerce, Western Sweden

Business development  
No. employees:

Inspiration, power and learning in new premises

Challenges and solutions
Whether a guest is a student, a visitor from abroad or a colleague from a member company there shall always be something new to learn about business within West Sweden. The premises should inspire, arouse the feeling of belonging to West Sweden and being a part of a strong economy. Clusters that are important in West Sweden have been highlighted in the interior, in order to demonstrate the expertise of companies - both known and unknown. The various conference rooms portray the clusters in different ways. The profile in the rooms “the fitting room”, “the test track” and “the lab”, is enhanced with specially printed carpets and short stories about the companies.

The Office should be a welcoming meeting place where people want to come and where you want to stay. The organization runs a wide network, but the spontaneous meetings between the visitors are just as important. Network meetings are arranged with decision makers from both politics and business, and the premises shall invite to contact and networking. West Swedish Chamber of Commerce is a relationship builder and the premises shall support and facilitate meetings. Member in focus is the goal.

West Swedish Chamber of Commerce now has an activity basted workspace - which has enabled a halving of office space and doubling of conference space. The staff has been involved in the process in order to highlight the needs and develop solutions based on these. To prepare the move some departments chose to work activity based already at the old office.

Activity Based is an entirely new approach for the employees and as all changes, it takes some time before you get used to it. It has already be noticed is that the communication between departments has increased, and that you have the flexibility to change and adjust the premises as required.

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