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Sam Eyde

"Sam Eyde high school is probably the best high school in the country."
Fylkes Municipal Chairman Bjørgulv Sverdrup Lund words when he declared the new school opened.

Client: Sam Eyde

Turid Hereraas, Arkitektstudio 
Our role:
Interior advisor, producer of standard & customized designs 
Delivery date:
August 2012 
Arendal, Norway 
No. employees:

A modern and sustainable school project

Challenge and solution
Different ideas in terms of teaching methods, as well as in how to use the space available and during what time requires a very flexible interior design. Sam Eyde is modern high school in every way possible. The solutions had to be transparent and top-of-the-line technically, the materials needed to be environmentally motivated and an overall rational thinking both in terms of space and equipment was a requirement.

Height adjustable EFG Izi Niveau tables were selected for their flexible features, EFG HideTech with integrated electricity and network was installed in the conference area, durable task chairs suitable for different users were put in various areas including classrooms, library and canteen.

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