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Kleppestø Ungdomsskole

"We have planned school like a small town"
Gro Haveland, architect MNAL

Client: Kleppestø Ungdomsskole

Fortunen Arkitekter AS, Gro Haveland 
Our role:
Producer, interiors 
Delivery date:
Bergen, Norway 
70 employees, 630 students 

A large modern school - decorated with colors and respect for the environment

Challenges and solutions
The school is planned like a small town with streets and public spaces. Each grade has got its floor, and in each of the identical floors there are "streets" between the classrooms with light and air balconies at each end of the streets. The school is organized with closed base and classrooms for up to 30 students. To each classroom there are adjacent permanent group rooms, like relocation to the classroom and so that students can go there when they need peace outside of the classroom. Classrooms have interactive tables. The students now have personal storage, located in the classrooms.

It is the award-winning architectural firm Fortunen, which has been responsible for the entire project of landscape planning, construction and interior design. The choice of natural materials and environmentally friendly materials has been throughout both the exterior and the interior. Inside, four continuous colors are used, which go back to different degrees. These colors are taken from the colors of the facade. The same is the use of wood. The colors and the environmentally friendly focus are also left in the choice of furniture. Lammhults has used a lot of furniture in the project. The students appreciate the large bright rooms and the windows that bring nature into the classrooms.

"We have chosen elegant classic furniture where functionality and sustainability have been important. The colors and quality standards for the project as a whole are also reflected in the furniture. Lammhults fits perfectly into this profile. For example, we have chosen Cinema lounge chair in a soft wool in the same colors as the main color of the building. At Spira chair we have chosen a softer pastel colour", Gro Haveland, architect.

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