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Keele University

In place of spaces more or less filled with random tables and chairs, we now have a carefully chosen collection of differentiated workspaces.

The very useful designs produced by EFG, showing their ideas superimposed on images of our existing library, helped me and my team feel secure in the knowledge of what the finished products would look like.
Jonathan Hutchins, Health Library Manager

Client: Keele University

Our role:
Interior support, supplier 
Delivery date:
Keele, United Kingdom 
Higher education 

Nurturing learning in a modern environment

Taking the needs of Keele Health Library on board, EFG developed a mix of private and collaborative solutions to cater for the universities plugged in students. The main challenge in this project was developing dynamic solutions whilst working to the pre-existing layout constraints. The solution was to re-distribute the bookcases to enable students and staff to best utilise them, whilst simultaneously creating new private areas.

The key to creating an effective area for the silent study room was flexibility. Products key to creating this space were flip-top desking and detachable screens. The screens give the students the ability to manage their space personally, on their own or within a team.

The Health Library had a clear vision for the space in the central area. To allow for the changing needs of events held at the library, flexibility was a key attribute to consider. Tables on castors make it simple to create new layouts for varying needs. Group study areas were established & the addition of moveable screens meant that students can easily work individually or part of a group. To break up the large central area we specified the stylish & practical EFG Surround as the centre piece. Using different fabrics and finishes to compliment the existing space created an aesthetically pleasing work area for the library’s multiple users.

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