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”Allowing EFG take a holistic approach was the right decision and we are thrilled with the results. Our office now surpasses the high expectations of HusmanHagberg’s customers. We were awarded Office of the Year, in 2014.”
Mattias Törling, Franchisee Registered Real Estate

Client: HusmanHagberg

Norrköping, Sweden 
Real Estate 

An office at ease

Challenge and solution
HusmanHagberg is one of the largest real estate companies in Sweden with 75 offices and 300 employees.

The challenge in this case was to achieve the feeling of familiarity that HusmanHagberg sought after and cared about. Therefore places to sit, recharge, share experiences and getting to know one and other was a nessecity to create in the landscape. Another challenge was to create an office that reflects the brand identity as well as their brand profile with the blue accent colours.

With a subtle and cohesive color scheme, EFG addressed the the branding aims and profile with their blue accent colours in focus. Outstanding quality furniture with integrated technology and adapted features for the activities and needs of HusmanHagberg ensured the end result is a truly welcoming office with a true feeling of familiarity.
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