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"The premises must clearly communicate that all colleagues are part of a team"

Client: Aritco

Our role:
Furniture supplier 
Delivery date:
Manufactiring/sales of lifts 

Modern, effective, sustainable

Challenge and solution
Aritco Lift AB moved into a combined office and industrial space of 16500 square meters in October 2018. The premises have been completely renovated in a way where many of the original building details have been preserved while the company now has a modern and appropriate office. Sustainability was the core vision throughout the process and as many details as possible have been retained and refined. In addition, 75% of all furniture is re-used.

The renovation and relocation project has been run in co-operation with staff; early on, some common guiding principles - collaboration, creativity / innovation and well-being - were established, and with these as a basis and after a large number of workshops, landed in an activity-based office with many project rooms and project areas, but also with a large number of smaller rooms for privacy. All physical and mental barriers between different departments have been erased to stimulate cross-functional relationships and collaborations. Colors and tones, on walls, floors and furniture are chosen from two perspectives. To create a warm welcoming feeling where you feel that this is where you want to be, and brand recognition.

In addition to the activity-based office of 100 workstations, Aritco Lift's premises also contain a production area for the company's lifts. The boundaries between production and office are erased by the choise of large glass partitions instead of walls, and all common areas such as entrance, dressing room, gym, cantine, break areas, conference rooms etc are common to all. The premises must clearly communicate that all colleagues are part of a team.

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