- A legacy built by a rib-backed chair

Our history goes all the way back to 1885, when K.G Andersson manufactured and sold his first rib-backed chair in Tranås, Sweden. The business gradually expanded in both assortment and size up until 1972, when we took the next step forward. Following a merger with two other companies the name changed to NKR.

In 1993 we became European Furniture Group – EFG – to mark the international expansion that was to be our strategy for the future. 

We did however take our first step into the European market a year earlier, when we purchased 50% of Wingerei, Norway’s largest sales company for office furniture. That was followed by the acquisition of Finnish ASKO Huonekalus and their office furniture division in 1997. The same year we bought the rest of Wingerei and in 1999, we established ourselves firmly in Great Britain through the acquisition of Matthews Office Furniture Ltd. In 2004, the acquisition of HOV+DOKKA made us a leading office furniture provider in the Norwegian market.

Today, every piece in our vast range of furniture is the result of our combined heritage, know-how and insights. We have undoubtedly come a long way since 1885.

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