Delivery concepts

Express assortment

Delivered from the factory 5 working days after order registration (plus route correction)

We have a large selection of our most common products on Express lead time. A maximum of 10 products of each article can be ordered. Read more and view the assortment here: EFG Express

Standard 1

Delivered from the factory 15 working days from order (plus route correction)

The majority of our standard products have lead time Standard 1. Including everything in our standard price lists with the exception of products with Standard 2 lead time listed below.

Standard 2

Delivered from our factory 25 working days from order (plus route correction)

A few standard products and material categories, all listed below, have lead time Standard 2.

  • Table tops with F edge, and table tops in M8, HPL, Linoleum, Walnut and all Veneer where two pieces or more needs to be matched.
  • EFG Create Seating
  • EFG Surround
  • EFG Collaborate
  • EFG Izi Niveau, with placement of the thickest part of the leg downwards (DW).
  • EFG Izi
  • EFG Ofi Effect
  • Screen IT
Customized products

The delivery time for modified and specialized products will depend on the product’s complexity and will be given after the order has been received and evaluated by our production department, but normally within 6-8 weeks.

Delivery time for products upholstered in non-standard fabrics will depend on the specific fabric, but will in most cases be 5-8 weeks.

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